If you have ever thought of saving money, reducing your carbon footprint, and are worried about load shedding affecting your showering, perhaps consider getting a solar water heater.

Many people are concerned about the price of solar heaters and their installation, at the end of the day though, that shouldn’t be of great concern. Solar heaters can last up to 20 years. That’s twice as long as a normal gas or electrical geyser, you also don’t have to worry about a gas line. That means no gas leakages or carbon monoxide poisoning. Electrical problems are also a thing of the past since solar geysers require a lot less wiring than electrical geysers.

Another area where you save money is on your electricity bill. Solar water heaters obviously require a lot less electricity than electrical geysers. Within 5 to 10 years you can pay for the entire solar geyser just on the savings you make on your electrical bill. Not even to mention the savings you get from them lasting so much longer than a gas or electric geyser.

There also some pretty lucrative tax benefits involved in solar water heating as well. In the western cape, if you install any solar water heating system you can essentially get a 28% discount on it just by claiming tax back. This incentive makes it very worthwhile for your business to invest in clean solar energy.

A solar water heating system also increases the value of your home. Therefore if you decide to sell your property you have yet another opportunity to get your money back.

While a solar water heater can cost a decent amount of money when you first install it, over the years you get many opportunities to get most if not all your money back. This alone makes getting a solar water heating system incredibly worthwhile.